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Lengtong Pauno Interview

Lengtong Pauno tawh Video Interview

Children's Day 2012 - Refugee Talent Competition

Ady Suwardy ~ Malaysia Vocalist
Reza Salleh ~ Malaysian Vocalist

Children's Day 2012 - Refugee Talent Competition

UNIVERSAL CHILDREN'S DAY 2012 recognises the right of children worldwide to have a childhood of safety and with the highest possible quality of life.

This right is often denied to refugee children. There are over 21,000 refugee children in Malaysia. Due to trauma and displacement because of war and conflict, many of them are denied normal childhoods.

While in exile, they often do not have the opportunity to participate in activities enjoyed by other children their age - activities which provide essential lessons for their mental
and physical well-being and developement - including expressions of creativity, health competition, team work and play.

The third REFUGEE CHILDREN'S TALENT COMPETITION is held to give refugee children this opportunity, and the rigt to normal childhood activities like every other child.